Title of the Project: "Advanced GPS"

Over the years, the technology involved in manufacturing an automobile has become more advanced, as automakers shift their focus from basic transportation to the design of features that make a vehicle safer, more comfortable, and more easily operated. One such feature is the global positioning system (GPS).As technology is increasing the new transportation technologies are being tested to provide best route and ensures safe journey in all weather conditions.
The purpose of our project is to develop a new service which provides the features of advanced GPS. We have created a web site which provides this feature if the user is a registered user. Before registering, the user can know about our features which are provided in the website, and if the user has any further queries,he can contant us through the email which is also procided in the web site.The advanced GPS technology helps chauffeur to drive safely in all the worst possible weather conditions: pouring rain, icy roads, blinding snowstorms . In this project, we provide different types of sensors on the road which detects the weather and road condition . All the information from these sensors are gathered and sent to the driver of the vehicle using the GPS technology in the form of short messages for safe driving.
In our project, we simulated the weather and road sensors using web services and the data from these web services is gathered and is sent to the GPS unit. The information from the weather sensor like temperature, weather description and the information from road sensors like weather impact effecting the traffic, high traffic incident etc is gathered and based on the user’s history, different users will be given different suggestions. To implement this feature, we have created a suggestion service, which sends the suggestions very often to the user.
To implement the suggestion service, we have created two user defined web services suggestions and geo-code web service which gets the information from the sensors and compares the user history and sends relevant suggestion messages to the user.
The purpose of this project is to provide suggestions to the user in the form of short messages, icons and images. It is not possible for the driver to read long text of messages during driving which diverts his concentration. So to overcome this, we provide the driver with brief and comprehensible alert messages and icons.bold text

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