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1. Introduction
In general we travel to different places during weekends. We look at different web sites to plan our travel. But the traveler faces many problems as follows:
a) The traveler looks for the best possible route. Different websites provide different route information. It becomes difficult for a traveler to select the best possible route.
b) The traveler would be looking for weather information in the route of travel on the day of his journey. But no single website provides this information in the route.
c) He also looks for the gas stations and hotels information in the route.
As the entire route is new to the traveler he cannot plan his journey because of lack of knowledge of hotels, gas stations and weather information. Even though many web services provides the solution for the above mentioned problems, however all of them provide information individually. The traveler has to visit many website to get information regarding the above mentioned problems. Our project is a single platform for all the solutions for the above mentioned problems. According to Wikipedia, a web ‘Mash up’ is “a website, or web application that combines content from one or more sources”.
For example in windows operating system there are several APIs like for File systems, User Interfaces, and Display models. By using all these APIs we develop several applications in a stable computer. Now just replace the windows operating system with the Internet and the APIs with the web service APIs. Now many web services are offering the APIs like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, E Bay etc. Here we will be using these web services to develop our own application.
This project mashes up the different Mapping Services providing more routes and allows the traveler to select the best and suitable route based on the weather conditions and available number of gas stations and hotels.
1.1 Project Goal and Objectives:
Overall goal: Here we will be using Mashups which start with an idea, almost anything a person can think of that will have some spatial relevance; the possibilities are endless. Most will first need to access at least two data sources that will be combined and applied through something like an API (Application Programming Interface), a source code that is provided to support the service being implemented. There are dozens of APIs that are tagged as mapping according to programmable web (www. programmableweb .com). The majority of APIs for Mashups are mapping related, in fact, over 50% are Google Map APIs. We are using the required web service’s APIs to develop the Traveler Guide.

Specific objectives (problem statement): Developing an application using Mash up concept which will be useful to the travelers to select the right path for their cool and comfortable journey.
Significance: The easiest way to start building a mash up is to simply plot markers or ‘push pins’ on a map using known online map resources such as Google Maps, Google Earth or Yahoo! Maps. Some map Mashups are GUI (Graphical User Interface) driven and very easy to use including ‘Map Builder’ using Google maps to interface with the data ( Adding markers to these maps is as easy as typing in the province/state and country or a specific address, and clicking on the map at the chosen location. Simply ‘Add’ the information to upload the coordinates and a new mash up is created! Others are more involved. Many APIs require some programming. Cloning is a method whereby source codes can be downloaded and edited or updated for new content. For those who are ambitious, Mashups can simply be programmed from scratch. Developer toolkits and API documentation is readily available online.
Real-time mapping allows you to view events as they are happening. Using this strategy in map Mashups is becoming increasingly popular. One can imagine the possible uses of bringing real-time events to life on our computer screens. Information on hazardous weather tracking, transportation, and health alerts can quickly be obtained on line. Some examples of real-time map Mashups include; traffic conditions such as My California Traffic (

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