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Group 2 - Project Proposal & Plan:

Project Name: FACTS - A System to Mange Family Accounts.
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Personal Expenses represent the typical expenses that you can incur in the course of day to day living, ex: transportation, clothing, food, personal items etc. Monitoring these expenses is for planning purposes. Our project concentrates on building a website for planning your current and future expenses. Anyone who would like to track their expenses and reduce them can register in our website. This system will help you to track and manage your system online. The advantage of having an online tracker is that:
- You are not constrained to use only one specific computer
- You can access your account from anywhere i.e. home, office, even when you are at vacation.
- You do not have to worry about losing data if the system crashers or any such situation arises.

This system will help you manage your personal expenses. Monthly, quarterly and yearly reports are generated along with relevant graphs to give you a pictorial view of the expenses.
To use this system you should register providing all your credit card information. After you have registered into the system you can choose the different things for which you would like to receive alerts. The alerts that you can set are: remind you of all the payment due dates in your various credit cards, reminders for your regular monthly expenses like electricity, gas, water and waste water bills, reminder for mortgage bills.
This website has the feature to add or monitor family member expenses. The head of the family should first register and then add the other family members to the account. When the family members are added to the account, a request is sent to them to join the family expense group. The head of the family gets detailed reports of the whole family as a whole and the reports of each individual member of the family. Each member gets their own individual reports and an overview report of the family as a whole, they will not get reports of the other members of the family and hence the expenses of each member are confidential and not disclosed to the other family members.

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