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Title of the Project: HEALTHY COOKING


Human beings in the early ages depended on raw form of food in order to fulfill their hunger. Gradually fire was discovered. The raw form of food was treated with fire to convert into other form. This process is termed as cooking. With changing times new technologies were introduced, so are the cooking styles. But in the modern world, time is the crucial factor. So, people are showing interest in learning cooking through internet. Our project is one such application which enables users to learn various varieties of dishes at one click.
There are many websites which provides this function. Then why do we require another application?

Though there are many websites, with the current increasing demand and requirements we need to develop a new application - An application which would include the old features with some additional special features. Our project “Online Healthy Cooking” is one such application in which earlier features are included but at the same time trying to develop some new features. Our application includes some special features; one of such feature is inclusion of health factors. That is here an individual’s health conditions are given preference when providing a recipe. This is done by first making user to provide his/her details by creating their own profile and login id. Now, user can use this login id to navigate through the application. The profile consists of various personal details of the user including his health factors and these are stored in database.

The user also need to mark whether he is a beginner or expert depending on which corresponding recipes are provided. The other interesting feature is the system not only provides a text procedure of the recipe but also includes an audio for individual recipes. One of the interesting features of the system is the suggestions box which provides some valuable tips to the user. These tips are suggested to the users keeping in view their health conditions.

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