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Project Proposal

The main concept of our project “Web Builder” is to build a web service for the users where we provide him his own account validating his information and logs in where he manages his profile using various web services that are provided by us and also some other web services that are pulled out from various services available online so that he would also be able to customize his account as per his/her interests.

Some of the web services that we embed from the services that are available online are Search engine for the user to search for any information that he is looking for across the web , Weather forecasting to alert the user with the up to date weather information , Email wizard for the user to log into various other login services such as gmail, yahoo as such and news update. The unique web services that we provide are providing him a way to schedule his day-to-day events, maintain his career details such as saving and uploading his resumes for future use as such, managing his profile by maintaining his information and uploading pictures in his profile and such kind of customization tools required to customize his account as per his interests and also providing him a way to save any of his documents for his future use.

In this document we would initially talk about the overall goal and objectives of this project which includes explaining the features we would like to provide with this web service. Further, we will define the requirements that are necessary and also features that could be implemented. Though we may not include as many features as other related web services such as igoogle, netvibes did, we mainly concentrate on developing web services which give much importance to user’s specific interest.

This project is developed by

-Fazlun Fazlun
-Bokka Satya Saradhi
-Vallurupalli Anusha.

Project Goal and Objectives

• Overall goal

The overall goal of the project is to develop a web service that mainly
concentrates in focusing on user’s specific interests.

In detail, the user can sign up thereby creating his account to login to our website.
After logging in, he can edit his information if he desires to do and also upload
pictures to his profile. If the user is looking for any specific information he can
search for it by the search engine that we provide. If the user wishes to login into
various other existing sites such as gmail, yahoo as such for any data he can do
that by using the email wizard that we provide him. If the user wants to know the
weather forecast at his place he can know it by using the weather forecasting web
service that we provide him. If the user wants to get updated with the news he
can accomplish it by using the news reader web service that we provide by
successfully implementing RSS feeds.

If the user wants to schedule his day to day events he can do that by using our event scheduler web service. If the user wants to maintain his career details such as saving and uploading resumes he can do that by using the career scheduler web service that we provide. If the user wants to upload any documents and save them he can accomplish it by using our document management web service.

Till now we looked into aspects from user’s perspective only. Now lets give a look into aspects from administrator side. There will be a separate login account for the administrator using which he would be able to delete user’s account if anything is reported abuse and also can remove any web services related to a particular user if something is misused as such.

• Specific Objectives

The general objectives include providing different web services like

-Event scheduler
-Career scheduler
-Profile and picture management
-Document Management
-Weather forecasting
-Email Wizard
-News Reader
-Search engine

The technical objectives include

-Easy accessibility and maintenance
-Easy to customize and use
-Auto Update
-Auto feedback
-Good look and feel
-Implementing RSS feeds

• Significance

The Significance of this project mainly lies in the unique features that we provide that distinguishes it from other related projects. Those features are:

This project mainly concentrates on providing web services according to the user’s specific interests.
The event scheduler feature lets the user to schedule his day-to-day events so that he will be alerted with the tasks to do further and complete them in time even in case of his negligence. It acts as a reminder of his day-to-day events.
The Career scheduler lets the user maintain his career details such as saving and uploading his resumes and various kind of applications, forms that help him in maintaining his career information for his future use too.
The Document Management lets the user save or upload any kind of documents here from anywhere so that they will be available for use at any instant of time thereby saving time for the user.

Project Background and Related Work

• Work done by others

We have looked at a number of web sites and have gathered information on services that they provide and tried to add some of those to our service and look how they differ from ours. Below are some web services :

iGoogle (formerly Google Personalized Homepage)
iGoogle is a customizable homepage originally launched in May 2005. Updates include the capability to add web feeds and Google Gadgets (similar to those available on Google Desktop). It was renamed and expanded on April 30, 2007 and is currently available in several localized versions of Google: U.S., Australia, India, Canada, the U.K., Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland.
Netvibes is a multi-lingual Ajax-based personalized start page. It is organized into tabs, with each tab containing user-defined modules. Built-in Netvibes modules include an RSS/Atom feed reader, local weather forecasts, a calendar supporting iCal, bookmarks, notes, to-do lists, multiple searches, support for POP3, IMAP4 email as well as several webmail providers including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and AOL, web storage,, Meebo, Flickr photos, podcast support with a built in audio player, and several others. A page can be personalized further through the use of one of many existing themes or users can create their own theme with a wallpaper of their choosing. Customized tabs, feeds and modules can be shared with others individually or via the Netvibes Ecosystem.
Pageflakes is an Ajax-based start page similar to My Yahoo!, iGoogle, and Microsoft Live. The site is organized into tabs, each tab containing user-selected modules called Flakes containing information such as RSS/Atom feeds, Calendar, Notes, Web search, weather forecast, bookmarks, flickr photos and user-created modules. Pageflakes was launched at the end of 2005.

• Project done by others

The above mentioned site helped us in gaining information on how to implement and publish RSS feeds on a website which we are going to use in our News reader feature in our project.

The above mentioned site helped us in getting a whole idea on how to create and develop web pages in C# which we woul be implementing in our project to design admin and user login and other web pages.

The above mentioned site helped us in gaining knowledge on how to integrate various corporate web services into our web site which we implement in our project to integrate various available services online such as weather forecasting, search engine, email wizard as such.

• Relationship of the project proposed by others

There are many other services available online that are somewhat similar to our project as mentioned above. The basic difference between them and our project is they mainly looked into providing generalized information whereas we concentrated mainly on providing services according to user’s specific interests.
We looked more into user friendly aspects and also using which the user can maintain, save and upload various kind of documents, photos as such which really makes the website more meaningful and user friendly thereby providing the user to access data with ease.

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