Journal Club

The Journal Club has been created to encourage students to discuss the weekly critique assignments and list down the critical questions highlighting the drawbacks of the paper critiqued. Every group member is expected to come up with at least 3 critical questions and these questions should be posted in the respective group pages. Below are the group-wise pages:

Paper 1 Introducing an agile process to an organization [software development]

Paper 2 Extreme Programming - Rapid development for Web-based applications

Paper 3 Service-Oriented Computing: Key Concepts and Principles

Paper 4 Understanding service-oriented software

Paper 5 Component Contracts in Service-Oriented Architectures

Paper 6 Service-Oriented Computing: Bringing Business Systems to the Web

Paper 7 Toward a Service-Oriented Development Through a Case Study

Paper 8 The next step in Web services

Paper 9 Toward Quality-Driven Web Service Discovery

Paper 10 Active Web Service Registries

Paper 11 A Business Model for Dynamic Composition of Telecommunication Web Services

Paper 12 Orchestration in Web Services and Real-Time Communications

Paper 13 Toward the Realization of Policy-Oriented Enterprise Management

Paper 14 A Survey on Web Services in Telecommunications

Paper 15 Adaptive QoS for Mobile Web Services through Cross-Layer Communication

Paper 16 Understanding as We Roam

Meta Paper for 1 - 16

Paper 17 Composable Mediation for Security-Aware Mobile Services

Paper 18 Performance Evaluation of Eventing Web Services in
Real-Time Applications

Paper 19 .NET vs J2EE

Paper 20

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